Orbiting Together (Symphony no. 1)

“Where we once used the horizon and stars to locate ourselves, we now look to our phones, rarely considering our bodies in relation to celestial objects orbiting overhead.”

In collaboration with Tia Kramer and choreographer Tamin Totzke, we created a multi-faceted project and participatory performance during our residency at the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park.

Orbiting Together was a participatory project that used a network of satellites flying over the Olympic Sculpture Park as triggers for text messages, encouraging participants to engage their somatic awareness with mindfulness exercises. Participants who opted in to receiving text messages created a rhizomatic positioning system composed of people in place of technology.

Building upon the research and experiences accumulated throughout our residency, we also choreographed a new participatory performance that playfully critiques ways we interact with technology. Throughout the performance, participants received text messages directing them through a series of movements and imaginary landscapes. Performers embedded in the group responded to the collective experience, expanding the limits possibility.



Art Encounter 1 (images by Jen Au, copyright 2018)

Art Encounter 2 (images by Jonathan Vanderweit, copyright 2018)

Text Notifications & Responses

Next two images by Robert Wade, copyright 2018

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