Guestwork’s "Art & Social Practice Workbook"

The Art & Social Practice Workbook was one of three exhibits curated for the Seaworthy curation series.

The Art & Social Practice Workbook is an interactive and participatory exhibition presented by Guestwork. It consists of an edited volume of assignments, prompts, handouts, evaluation tools, and other resources to be used in your programs, classes, institutions, and life.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to collect and assemble their own text from printouts of the workbook. Visitors are also invited to submit their own assignments for possible use in future editions of the workbook. The exhibition space will be activated through the execution of assignments from the workbook.

During this exhibit we organised and hosted the following events:

- A recreation of Fallen Fruit’s “Have a Public Fruit Jam: How to Make Jam and Friends”
- Small group activation of Steve Lambert’s “Superhero” assignment (download)
- A closing reception where we facilitated the generation of assigments for your own creative practice
- Community discourse about the project and socially engaged art, where we read and discussed: Excepts from Pablo Helguera’s book, “Education for Socially Engaged Art” (download) and Guestwork’s “Art & Social Practice Workbook” (download)