Frequency was one of three exhibits curated for the Seaworthy curation series.

Frequency is a dual project that examines the consumption, production, and the exchange of ideas in contemporary life.

Frequency ][ grasping

Julia Heineccius engaged in the first 7 days of her project to watch all of the TED Talks while knotting a continuous strand of pearls. The total running time of all the Talks produced so far is greater than 336 hours, or two solid weeks. Through repetitive handwork and a gluttonous consumption of ideas, she hopes to understand more about the relationship between multitasking, meditation, binge watching, comprehension, and inspiration.

Frequency [space]

Timothy Firth created, Frequency [space], an FM radio broadcast centered around arts and community in Seattle. The project reached out to community members that joined a series of conversations broadcasted live from a storefront studio with low radio broadcasting equipment. The conversations were centered around personal experiences with success and failure both as a maker and a participant, and collective inspiration.